The PMI Group is a leading global provider of total end to end manufacturing solutions and engineering services to clients across a wide array of market verticals including aerospace and defense, medical devices, industrial and commercial products, semiconductor, and transportation.

Clients are offered premium services ranging from engineering and product development services to total manufacturing solutions including prototyping, CNC precision machining, electro-mechanical assembly, and production. Highly customized solutions are delivered to clients through the use of state of the art technology and a highly qualified team of professionals that are trained across a wide class of engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

Through leveraging both its local presence and extensive global footprint, the PMI Group is able to support the growth and globalization initiatives of its clients. Global reach combined with its continuous focus on strengthening its value proposition have led the PMI Group to successfully forge long-term strategic alliances with clients from across a multitude of market verticals.

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World class manufacturing & engineering talent  
  Total manufacturing solutions and engineering services